Find Your Next Client Through Live Video

Your guide to leveraging fun, engaging lives videos to build relationships & attract new real estate clients.

Even if you've never done a real estate video before, you'll be able to:

  • Create an endless stream of ideas for your live videos
  • Make your videos fun and engaging
  • Turn your friends, family & past connections into new referrals
  • Start warm conversations that lead directly to new clients

Brought to you by the hosts of Real Estate Uncensored

A sales and marketing podcast streaming live on Facebook 3 days a week, bringing you actionable ideas, insight and inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom.

Hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson have been consistently using live video like Periscope, Google Hangouts, Smiletime and now Facebook Live.

Greg loves the live interaction and how it builds his clout and expert status in the market. He promotes each new listing, open house and buyer need with live video.

Matt uses live video to mastermind with thought leaders, build a high-level network of influencers, and answer questions from the Real Estate Uncensored tribe.


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